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CLE Bundle - 2021 Florida Liability Claims Conference
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2021 Florida Liability Claims Conference attendees. This series is approved for 12 CLE credits including 1 Ethics and 1 Tech Credit, as well as 12 Certification Credits in Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Trial, Criminal Appellate Law, Criminal Trial Law, and Juvenile Law.

CLE Bundle - 2021 Fl Insurance Network Symposium (FINS)
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2021 Florida Insurance Network Symposium attendees. This series is approved for 8.5 CLE credits and 8.5 Civil Trial and Business Litigation Certification Credits.

CLE Bundle - 2022 Winter Meeting
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2022 Winter Meeting attendees. This series is approved for 11 CLE credits and 11 Civil Trial Certification Credits.

When: January 20, 2022
2022 Florida Insurance Network Symposium
This conference will provide high quality, timely presentations in the areas of bad faith, insurance coverage, and first-party property insurance. The conference is designed for both practitioners and claims professionals.

When: August 11–12, 2022
Where: Tampa
Conquering Expert Witnesses
Cases are won or lost with experts witnesses.  Trials are battles of these experts.  Miranda Soto, a board certified civil trial lawyer who has tried over 50 jury trials, will teach you valuable skills on how to effectively use your expert witnesses, and how to successfully address plaintiff’s experts to win that battle. CLE approved for 1 Gen Credit and 1 Civil Trial Cert Credit.

When: August 16, 2022
2022 Leaders Summit
A leadership retreat for senior firm leaders as well as emerging leaders.

When: September 22–23, 2022
Where: Miami
The Evolution of the Graves Amendment and Recent Trends
The Graves Amendment preempts Florida law to the extent it imposes vicarious liability on long term and short term lessors for permissive use of the leased vehicle. This webinar will address the key cases interpreting the preemption issues and a recent case involving an oddball result.

When: September 30, 2022