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CLE Bundle - 2021 Florida Liability Claims Conference
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2021 Florida Liability Claims Conference attendees. This series is approved for 12 CLE credits including 1 Ethics and 1 Tech Credit, as well as 12 Certification Credits in Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Civil Trial, Criminal Appellate Law, Criminal Trial Law, and Juvenile Law.

CLE Bundle - 2021 Fl Med Mal Symposium
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2021 Florida Medical Malpractice Symposium attendees. This series is approved for 7.5 CLE credits including 7.5 Civil Trial and Health Law Certification Credits, 1 Ethics, and 1.5 Tech Credit.

CLE Bundle - 2021 Winter Meeting
Enjoy this bundle of CLE originally offered to our 2021 Winter Meeting attendees. This series is approved for 10 CLE credits including 10 Civil Trial Certification Credits, 2.5 Bias Elimination, 1.5 Ethics, 1 Mental Illness, and 1 Tech Credit.

Spotting and Combatting Reptile Theory
Reptile Theory has taken the plaintiffs' bar by storm. It allows plaintiffs' attorneys to sidestep the Golden Rule, while making a similar impression on jurors. Using Reptile Theory tactics, plaintiff’s counsel will attempt to activate jurors’ survival instincts in hopes that they will make decisions based on instinct (i.e., fear) rather than logic and reasoning. Jill Bechtold will show you how to recognize the tactic with real-life examples, and how to combat its effect. Approved... Details
When: October 5, 2021
Judicial Perspective: Changing with the Times
The Florida Supreme Court has made numerous changes over the past year. Some of these changes include mandated case management, amending the summary judgment rule, and trying cases again. 2021-22 FDLA President, Kansas Gooden will moderate the discussion as we hear from three Circuit Court Judges from across the state on how their courtroom is adjusting to these changes and what you can expect. Approved for 1 CLE... Details
When: October 19, 2021