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FLCC Series: Class Actions in the Age of COVID-19
An overview of developments in the area of class action litigation that are currently taking place and those which may arise in the aftermath of COVID-19.

When: June 9, 2020
FLCC Series: The Scoop on eScooters
Everything you want to know about e-scooters, from an overview about them generally to the common injuries involved and different laws that apply.

When: June 11, 2020
FLCC Series: Coverage Law Update
A case law update focused on duty to defend, duty to indemnity, and associated coverage opinions in 2019

When: June 16, 2020
FLCC Series: An Overview of the Dynamics of Slip/Trip/Fall
An overview of the technical decision making tools available to properly evaluate different types of slip, trip and fall (STF) accidents. Upon completion of the course, the attendees would be familiar with the dynamics, kinematics, and biomechanics of injury causation associated with the STF accidents.

When: June 18, 2020
FLCC Series: Neck, Back, Shoulders and Knees
"Neck, Back, Shoulders and Knees: Are These True Injuries?" An in-depth analysis of the most prevalent injuries alleged in a personal injury case and how to determine if the accident was in fact the proximate cause of the alleged injury.

When: June 23, 2020
FLCC Series: Legal Writing 101
A valuable review of the foundations of effective legal writing from the Editor in Chief of the FDLA's journal, The Trial Advocate.

When: June 25, 2020
FLCC Series: Florida Caselaw Update
A review of the latest case law and legislative developments affecting the defense bar in 2020.

When: July 7, 2020
FLCC Series: Technology in Today’s World of Surveillance
This session will define how modern technology positively impacts insurance defense investigations.

When: July 9, 2020
FLCC Series: Using Technology Offensively in Litigation
Modern technology provides an opportunity for defendants to obtain significant evidence through offensive discovery. This presentation will discuss the discoverability and accessibility of Plaintiff’s personal devices, cloud-based networks, and social media.

When: July 16, 2020
FLCC Series: Toxicology and Questions of Legal Liability
The panel discussion will involve: the use of a toxicologist in the evaluation of biological data (e.g., blood, urine) in impaired driving matters; recent changes to Florida law regarding the ability of a plaintiff to recover damages when they are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and how insurance Claims Representatives interact with lawyers and experts to resolve disputed matters. The panel will consist of a toxicologist, practicing attorney, and an insurance... Details
When: July 21, 2020
2020 Florida Insurance Network Symposium
This conference will provide high quality, timely presentations in the areas of bad faith, insurance coverage, and first-party property insurance. The conference is designed for both practitioners and claims professionals.

When: August 13–14, 2020
Where: Tampa
2020 Law Firm Leaders Summit
Join us for FDLA’s annual conference designed for law firm leaders and emerging leaders. What changes in the legal industry should law firms expect and how can they prepare for them? How will legal services be provided, managed and billed? And how will these changes affect your firm? Join FDLA for this exciting new seminar where experts in law firm management, technology, marketing and business development will gather to address these questions and much... Details
When: September 24–25, 2020
Where: Kissimmee
Florida Medical Malpractice Symposium
The FDLA is excited to present a new seminar focused solely on medical malpractice defense related issues. This seminar is for attorneys and claims professionals. Both CLE and CE credits will be requested.

When: October 29–30, 2020
Where: Orlando