Jury Selection, Beyond the Bumper Sticker

"Want Quality Answers? Ask Quality Questions: Jury Selection, Beyond the Bumper Sticker" Litigation consultant, Shari Belitz will discuss various jury selection techniques, objectives, and strategy considerations combining legal and psychological techniques and perspectives. One of the many challenges in conducting jury selection is the myriad of cognitive biases which exist in the minds of the attorneys, judge, and jurors. Shari will discuss how to identify, leverage, and mitigate these biases in order to construct questions and attitudinal profiles which will identify the most dangerous jurors for your case.

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Shari Belitz, CEO, Shari Belitz Communications

Shari Belitz, Esq., is a Nationally Recognized Litigation Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO of Shari Belitz Communications LLC, a certified Woman Owned Business, and Founder of EnPSYCHLAWpedia TM.

Shari Belitz Communications, conducts mock trials, prepares witnesses for depositions and trials, and performs jury selection and other customized trial services.

Shari is an attorney with over twenty years of experience in the legal profession. During her career, she studied forensic psychology, and advanced jury science in graduate school. Shari also holds a certificate in Behavioral Economics from Harvard University. Shari has spoken at various legal and insurance industry conferences, law firm retreats as well as universities, law schools, and on television about applying psychology to litigation, juror decision making, the reptile theory, and nuclear verdicts.

7/13/2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time