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You Want Me to Pay for What? Dissecting the LCP
Hosted by Elevate - CLE Approved for 1 Gen Credit - When a plaintiff delivers a life care plan, how do you know if the cost of care they’ve arrived at is reasonable and customary? Credible care plans must be built on specific life care planning tenets. After learning these principles, you will be able to identify your best opportunities for rebuttal.

When: August 11, 2020
Adjusting Settlement Reserves Prior to Mediation
"Adjusting Settlement Reserves Prior to Mediation:  A Proactive Study of Value, Verdicts & Venue" - Hosted by CaseMetrix - CLE Approval Pending - This presentation focuses on working with insurers to adjust settlement reserves prior to mediation. This allows defense counsel to secure adequate settlement authority to increase the chance of success at mediation, and in many cases it allows attorneys to reserve a portion of that authority. This is a far more effective strategy than... Details
When: August 13, 2020
Non-Binding Arbitration as an Alt. to Resolve Fee Disputes
"Time is Money! Non-Binding Arbitration as an Alternative to Resolve Fee Disputes" - Hosted by MAZE Resolutions - CLE Approval Pending - Due to COVID-19, the court system is currently not fully operational. Using non-binding arbitration can resolve fee disputes, alleviate the congestion of the court system, and ultimately save money for the clients.

When: August 18, 2020
Realtime Remote Litigation State of the Industry
Hosted by Phipps Reporting - CLE Approved for 1 Gen or 1 Tech Credit - This CLE will help attendees understand the role of stenographers and their ethical responsibilities in accordance with their certifications; advanced features in realtime, live streaming of testimony, and how to interact with realtime; the differences between traditional videoconferencing and web conferencing including Live Capture/Picture in Picture and postproduction for trial; how to capture the evidence... Details
When: August 20, 2020
Rebut with a Billing & Coding Expert
Hosted by AccuMed - CLE Approval Pending - CE Approved for 1 Adjuster Optional Credit (CE Credit Is Only Available for Live Viewing, Not On-Demand)- Medical coding and billing remain complex areas for providers to navigate in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Providers often knowingly and unknowingly violate correct coding and billing guidelines, which can result in highly inflated medical bills. This interactive session will deconstruct 5 specific examples of how medical bills ... Details
When: August 25, 2020
Jury Research Techniques in the Age of Social Distancing
Hosted by U.S. Legal Support - CLE Approval Pending - Now that we are in the age of social distancing, online jury research techniques have become the life raft that allows us to continue to prepare our cases for trial and mediation. In this talk, Dr. Miles will discuss jury decision-making and the importance of jury research. He will also go into detail about the new online research tools that are available for attorneys during these times of social distancing. Diana Bullard will... Details
When: August 27, 2020
Vehicle Download & Environ. Video Data in Acc. Recon.
"Application of Vehicle Download and Environmental Video Data in Reconstructing Accidents" - Hosted by Fischer Forensic Engineering - CLE Approval Pending - CE Approved for 1 Adjuster Optional Credit (CE Credit Is Only Available for Live Viewing, Not On-Demand) - Data from the both the scene and vehicles of an accident, such as video surveillance, dash/body worn cameras, roadway evidence and vehicle downloads, are analyzed and graphically presented to demonstrate the importance and... Details
When: September 1, 2020
Investigative Tools for Litigation
Hosted by Crossroads Investigations - CLE Approval Pending - Learn from a former CIA Officer what private investigation tools are available to help you win your client’s case, as well understand the legal limitations applied to the industry. This course reviews a multitude of considerations that should be included in due diligence research. Also, learn how to search online efficiently and effectively using various Google Ninja Tricks and some secret methods used to dig deeper into... Details
When: September 3, 2020
Biomechanical Analysis in Serious Accident Cases
Hosted by Rimkus Consulting Group - CLE Approval Pending - CE Approved for 1 Adjuster Optional Credit (CE Credit Is Only Available for Live Viewing, Not On-Demand) - A one-hour course designed to help the participant understand the field of injury biomechanics and how a biomechanical engineer may be critical in identifying the sequence of events, in mitigation/elimination of injuries, or even in occupant ejections during accidental events. Through the use of several short case... Details
When: September 10, 2020
Document Retrieval and Pre-Trial Discovery
Hosted by Compex Legal Services - CLE Approval Pending - A review of state copying charges, required HIPAA authorizations, and what will expedite a request. The keys to being successful in today’s world will include the transmittal of your request and taking the necessary steps for an electronic discovery process.

When: September 15, 2020
Prod Liability: Investigation, Analyses, Tools, & Case Study
Hosted by ESi - CLE Approval Pending - This presentation will familiarize attorneys, insurance producers and claims adjusters with the product liability investigation process, including specific standards that are applied in assessing the source of the issue. The presentation will also delve into the analyses and tools for gathering and analyzing evidence during the investigation, knowing when those analyses can be expected, and the objectives of each... Details
When: September 17, 2020
Water Damage Subrogation Cases
Water Damage Subrogation Cases - Is It Civil, Material, or Mechanical? Hosted by ARCCA - CLE Approval Pending - In this presentation we will cover the general water loss cases related to Civil/Structural, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering, including cases that involve the need for inter-discipline expertise. We will also provide case studies for each type, as well as tips for understanding what type of expertise one should be looking for to investigate a particular water... Details
When: September 22, 2020
2020 Law Firm Leaders Summit
Join us for FDLA’s annual conference designed for law firm leaders and emerging leaders. What changes in the legal industry should law firms expect and how can they prepare for them? How will legal services be provided, managed and billed? And how will these changes affect your firm? Join FDLA for this exciting new seminar where experts in law firm management, technology, marketing and business development will gather to address these questions and much... Details
When: September 24–25, 2020
Where: Kissimmee
Florida Medical Malpractice Symposium
The FDLA is excited to present a new seminar focused solely on medical malpractice defense related issues. This seminar is for attorneys and claims professionals. Both CLE and CE credits will be requested.

When: October 29–30, 2020
Where: Orlando