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Water Damage Subrogation Cases
Water Damage Subrogation Cases - Is It Civil, Material, or Mechanical? Hosted by ARCCA - FL Bar Approved for 1 Gen CLE Credit or 1 Cert. Credit in Business Litigation - CE Approved for 1 Adjuster Optional Credit (CE Credit Is Only Available for Live Viewing, Not On-Demand) - In this presentation we will cover the general water loss cases related to Civil/Structural, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering, including cases that involve the need for inter-discipline expertise. We ... Details
When: September 22, 2020
2020 Virtual Law Firm Leaders Summit
FDLA’s annual conference designed for law firm leaders and emerging leaders is going virtual. Join us for two engaging and timely roundtable discussions led by extraordinary panels, followed by our annual membership meeting, awards, introduction of the new FDLA Board, and happy hour.

When: September 25, 2020
Preparing a Clean Claim File and Avoiding Bad Faith Pitfalls
Sponsored by GESS - FL Bar Approval Pending - A back to basics focus on the role of adjusters in handling claims from intake to investigation to decision-making and how the actions of adjusters on the front end of claims can affect future litigation.

When: October 1, 2020
From AOBs to Bad Faith: Past and Potential Legislation
Sponsored by Robson Forensic - FL Bar Approval Pending - A moderated discussion with Representative Beltran regarding past and potential legislation regarding assignment of benefits, attorney fee multipliers, and bad faith.

When: October 6, 2020
Federal Court Jurisdiction: Removal Complexities & Pitfalls
"Federal Court Jurisdiction: Removal Complexities and Common Pitfalls to Avoid in the Process" - Presented in partnership with DRI - Removing a case from state court to federal court often provides strategic advantages for defense counsel and it can be a trap for the careless. Federal district courts disfavor removal and will strictly analyze a removal to federal court. Defense counsel must be able to analyze the potential bases for removal, adhere to the procedural requirements, and ... Details
When: October 7, 2020
Legal Analysis of Recent Coverage Decisions in Construction
"Legal Analysis of Recent Coverage Decisions in Construction Defect and Property Matters" - Sponsored by Nelson Forensics - FL Bar Approval Pending - This course will include an overview and analysis of recent construction defect and property coverage related matters, including recent cases involving duty to defend and indemnify.

When: October 8, 2020
Bad Faith: An Analysis of Liability and Damages Under FL Law
Sponsored by U.S. Forensic - Fl Bar Approval Pending - An analysis of bad faith liability and damages under Florida law.  We will conduct a case study of bad faith issues which may arise in handling first- and third-party insurance claims, coupled with practice pointers to avoid common pitfalls.

When: October 13, 2020
Analyzing the AOB Claim and Legislative Changes
Sponsored by Sharecare - FL Bar Approval Pending - The recent changes to Florida law regarding assignment of benefits have impacted the insurance and legal industry in how we adjust and defend insurance claims. During this one hour course, we will review the legislative changes and what they mean from a practical standpoint, as well as discuss what strategies we can implement to capitalize on these changes and better defend our... Details
When: October 15, 2020
Potential Litigation in Cast Iron Plumbing Failure Cases
Sponsored by Rimkus  - FL Bar Approval Pending - The presentation is designed to show how residential cast iron pipe plumbing systems are built and why they fail, as well as explain applicable codes and highlight a few repair options. Participants will learn what to look for while addressing a cast iron pipe sewer failure claim, including some of the forensic investigative techniques utilized by experts and how an attorney can get involved. The course also includes case studies to... Details
When: October 20, 2020
Climate Change: The Next Frontier for Insurance Coverage...
"Climate Change: The Next Frontier for Insurance Coverage Issues and Litigation" - Sponsored by ESi - FL Bar Approval Pending - To provide insurance professionals and practitioners with an overview of various coverage issues that may be presented by claims related to climate change, and the potential implications on the insurance industry.

When: October 22, 2020
Cunningham to Coblentz – the Pros and Cons of  Consent...
"From Cunningham to Coblentz – the Pros and Cons of  Consent Judgments" - Sponsored by Claims Investigation Agency - FL Bar Approval Pending - Consent Judgments can be used both by the defense as an alternative means for resolving extracontractual claims and by insureds and claimants as a means to assert those claims against carriers.  Both defense attorneys and insurance claims professionals should know when to use Consent Judgments to settle claims, and how to avoid having them... Details
When: October 27, 2020
Smart Home Technology in Claims, Claim Investigation, & Law
Sponsored by SEA - FL Bar Approval Pending - This presentation covers electrical fire investigation and how the latest Smart Home product data can assist in fire investigations and the potential to recover losses. All information regarding the fire scene is crucial to the investigator and smart home information is often overlooked. This presentation provides an overview of what Smart Home information is potentially available and how it can be applied to an investigation. Common Smart ... Details
When: October 29, 2020