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FDLA Lunch and Learn Webinar

Friday, August 11, 2017
11:30 AM-12:45 pm EDT

Presented by Joseph R Flood Jr., Esq. ,(Dean Ringers Morgan & Lawton PA)

Plaintiffs routinely seek bias discovery regarding Defendant’s testifying experts. Shouldn’t Defendants similarly be entitled to obtain bias discovery from Plaintiffs regarding their hand selected, referred “treating” physicians? Explore this issue in depth, including the recent Florida Supreme Court opinion in Worley v Central Florida YMCA from the attorney who handled that case and argued it before the Florida Supreme Court. The Webinar will review case law leading up Worley, the facts of the Worley case and the impact of the Worley decision itself, including how the opinion can be used by the defense.

1.5 CLER Credits Requested from The Florida Bar.

Registration Fee: $109.00

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